Volunteer Communication 2 2014

Subject: Superior Spring Trail Race Volunteer Email 2 2014
Date: Wednesday May 7, 2014

Hi All,

Thank you again for your generosity in volunteering for the Superior Spring Trail Race on May 16th and 17th – we have about 60 volunteers to help 550 runners reach their goal or finishing one tough trail race! These emails are a bit lengthy, but doing the job safely and correctly is very important to all of us so thanks for taking the time to read through this!

Volunteer Assignments have been made and are available HERE http://www.superiorspringtrailrace.com/volunteer-assignments/ – if you see something that does not work for you, please let us know right away.  You can search the list by volunteer position or by last name – be sure to do both as many of you are assigned to more than one position.  Most of the volunteer assignments are pretty straight forward but you can find job descriptions and directions on how to get to where you need to be along with what equipment and food your aid station will be provided with and even how to work an aid station if you have never done it in the volunteer section of our website – also be sure to read up on all the race info on the website especially that which is under the race info section – so you have the best sense of what is going on at the race and can be a good resource for runners, spectators and other volunteers.

Medical / Safety and Runner Tracking:

  • We have a Duluth Physician (Adam Swank) along with Adventure EMT Services (Joy Parker) Heading up our medical team.  We also have some EMTs and other medical people out on course working at the aid stations, in the ‘notes’ section people are called out if they have some medical training.  As always, if there is an emergency, we want to get the HAM Radio Operators involved right away.  If it is something very minor, one of the medical people at the aid stations may be able to assist, if it is a bit more serious the HAMS will call to the finish and get in touch with Adam or Joy for some direction and if it is a true emergency, the HAMS will call for Cook County emergency services to be dispatched.  Cook County Emergency Services info. can be found HERE http://www.superiorspringtrailrace.com/emergency-contact-information/
  • The Ham Radio volunteers may need a little help during the busy times writing down runners numbers – if your aid station is well staffed and you have a free person, please feel free to offer (or they may ask) – if they don’t need you that is fine to. It is very important that since this is a wilderness race that we account for the whereabouts of everyone at all times.  This will entail sitting at a table and writing down the bib numbers of runners as they come through.
  • Road crossings – we need to have two volunteers where the Superior Hiking Trail crosses Sawbill Trail / Cook County 2 – we will have two people with vests and flags stationed here and signage on the road on each side of the crossing – although this road does not get a ton of traffic, this is a fairly high speed road so this is very important.  We will also position two people at the top of Onion River Road where it dumps into the Oberg parking lot since right at this intersection, the Superior Hiking Trail comes in and it is always a chaotic mix of cars entering the lot at low speed and runners – these flaggers will help keep order at this intersection and in the parking lot where the aid station is also located – aid station volunteers please feel free to offer to relieve these assigned individuals from time to time so they can get a short break – use the restroom, eat etc.


  • If you need a place to stay you are welcome to stay in the ‘Volunteer Townhomes’.  These are communal accommodations and sometimes we have to cram a decent number of people in so please be sure to bring a sleeping bag and sleeping pad in case all the beds are taken.  Here is a map showing how to get to the townhomes once you are at Caribou Highlands – our units are 530, 532 and 544 http://www.superiorspringtrailrace.com/wp-content/uploads/Caribou_Highlands_Layout_Superior_Spring_Map_Diagram_5-10-13.pdf  Many of you have already indicated you need a place to stay so please see the attached spreadsheet of room assignments thus far.  If you need a place to stay yet, please let us know.  If you are not comfortable with this arrangement there are other good lodging options right a Caribou Highlands and camping options available in the area.

Finally, If you are assigned at an aid station we will send your volunteer shirts out to you – we will also send out a bagged lunch with a sandwich, chips and cookie.  If you are assigned elsewhere, your shirt will be at the finish line area / race headquarters and you can eat chili at the post race meal / anytime after 11:30 AM – those at the aid stations are welcome and encouraged to come to the finish after their aid station closes to eat as well and visit.

As always should you have any questions, please contact us – preferably before next Wednesday since that is when we leave for Lutsen and communicating and making any changes is easier to do prior to us heading up.  Looking forward to seeing everyone and another successful race!

Thank You,

John Storkamp
Race Director
Superior Trail Races