Superior Spring Trail Race Volunteer Communication 3 2021

Date: Monday May 17, 2021
Subject: 2021 Superior Spring Trail Race – More Info for Sawbill Volunteers

Hi Sawbill Volunteers!

[ Reminder, you can see who everyone is HERE I am also CC’ing the course sweeps Paul Hasse and Todd Rowe, the HAM coordinators Rick and Jayne Johnson, Medical Lisa Byrne and Chalayne Palmgren and Supply / Resupply Travis Harvieux ]

First off… THANK YOU. I cannot tell you how thankful I and the runners are for your help!

Second, I have attached a copy of the printout that we are including in the aid station bin for you to review in advance of the race(s).

Next, a couple more notes not included in that printout…

• Jeff Miller will be working Sawbill each day. I have spoken with Jeff and he is willing to handle cutoffs each day. Obviously Dale and Micki who will be there Saturday have experience with this as well, having worked Sawbill (both Spring and Fall) for longer than I have been the Race Director of either!

• For anyone that misses the cutoffs or drops from the race and needs transport, either Bob Marsh, Travis Harvieux or myself will be providing transport / sag for these runners.

• Travis Harvieux (CC’d on this email) will be dropping off and picking up water stop supplies each day. If throughout the race, should you need anything, use the HAMS to get in touch with Travis so he can bring it out (more water, another tent or table, etc.)

• Please remember to treat your day(s) at the aid station like a camping trip so you are as comfortable as possible throughout the day. Have warm clothes, rain gear, pack a lunch, snacks and beverages, bring a chair so you can get off of your feet etc. Keep in mind, the aid station will be SUPER bare bones (water only!)

• We have these fancy new hand free water dispensers, Jeff had the opportunity to work with them at Zumbro, so he can train everyone in. If it is raining, cover the back half of the dispensers with a garbage bag to protect them (these are still prototypes made of wood). If for any reason they stop working, please just set up water jugs as normal – that said, they worked flawlessly at Zumbro.

• The water tables do not need to be tented, the tents are for your (volunteer) shelter. Please set the tents up in proximity to, but not right on top of the water tables – we want to give the runner’s space.

• 50K runners will be able to have a drop bag at Sawbill, Travis will be running them out each day.

• Due to the daily number of runners, I am only concerned about doing traffic control at the road crossing on Saturday. I have assigned Bill Pomerekne and Paul Kinney as the “Leads” for Saturday, but please everyone rotate in and out of this position (unless Bill tells you he does not want you 😉 For your reference, you can see the daily number of runners HERE

• There will only be one HAM operator at the aid station each day, so you should all work together to record runners numbers as they come through.

• Due to the way this year’s race is set up due to Covid, you will naturally not have as much to do as in years past, that is by design. We want to give the runners space as everyone has a different comfort level right now. If a runner asks you directly for help with something, please feel free to help them, obviously within your comfort level.

• We have two primary medical volunteers this year, Lisa Byrne and Chalayne Palmgren – they will be at different locations at different times throughout the four days, please use the HAMS should they be needed.

• Do to intentionally keeping volunteer numbers down and the greater time range over which runners will be starting and finishing the races, I may not be out to the water stops (aid stations) each day – please just know that if for some reason I do not see you, I love you and I am grateful for your willingness to give (almost all of you two days) of your time and in several cases four days! I am so thankful and so are the runners!

That is all I have for you today, please let me know if you have any questions!

Thank You,

John Storkamp
Race Director
[email protected]