Photo Credit Scott Rokis

A magical land where everyone works together and gets along? Does such a place exist? 22 years of the Spring Race and 34 years of the Fall Race seem to say that yes, for the most part it does. How is it that so many people (135ish volunteers participated in this year’s Spring Race) can come together, for one day, sans a dress rehearsal, and work so well together? I know of a lot of work places that don’t function nearly as well. Sure, I think the answer in part is good planning and organization, but supercharge that with truly exceptional individuals (that’s you), acting selflessly and in the service of others, and you’ve got something quite uncommon. And an extra special thanks is due to our return volunteers, those that know the ropes, and so kindly welcome and mentor those around them. I saw a lot of this over the weekend. This is all not to say that there is not a rub from time to time. Volunteers not seeing eye to eye on what is the best / safest way to carry out a task. A few runners upset about missing the cutoff, demanding to go on and taking it out on volunteers. A day dragging on longer than planned — 4:45AM to 7:00PM is a standard workday, right? But being the exceptional people you are, and working in service to something greater than yourselves; solutions are sought, compromises are made, pride is set aside, and we do the very best we can.

From the outside it may look like nothing more than a ‘race’. While it is that… that is honestly the very least of it. Having spent over 30 years of my life in both endurance sports, and recovery (from alcohol, drugs, and trauma), I have seen few things that bolster the human spirit as much as time spent in the natural world, hard work, exercise and community – does this sound familiar? There is a school of thought that the cause of addiction and depression is feeling disconnected – standing in direct contrast to that, these races (experiences) are a wonderful place of (re)connection. Race in and race out people tell me how running, and these events, have deeply and positively impacted their lives – I know they have mine. You make this possible, and I hope you agree, that it is worth the effort.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Thank you for another awesome Superior Spring Trail Race weekend. As always, the buck stops with me – please never hesitate to let me know how I can best support you in these big challenging things that we do. Cheri and I love and appreciate you all.


John Storkamp
Race Director
Superior Trail Race