Custom race numbers this year – photography by the one and only Zach Pierce | artwork by John Storkamp – another cool keepsake from the race.

The Superior Spring Trail Race hosts two races simultaneously, the Superior 50KM Trail Race (starts at 7:00 AM Saturday) and the Superior 25KM Trail Race (starts at 9:00 AM Saturday).  Each distance will have its own unique race number (unique color and number series) so runners can be easily identified by race officials, volunteers, spectators and other runners.  We ask that all competitors wear their number on the front of their body on their outer-most layer at all times.  Runners will be tracked coming into and out of each aid station.  If we cannot see your number, we cannot track you or take your finishing time and if we cannot do that, you will be disqualified and will not earn an official finish.


Superior 50KM Trail Race – Orange / Sepia background – Number Series 1 – 249



Superior 25KM Trail Race – Blue / Green background – Number Series 250+