2013 Superior Spring Trail Race – Trail Clearing and Recon May 6th 2013

We made a trip up the shore on Monday 5/6 to do some trail work, cut some trees and check things out. Driving up the shore, the sides of the road were for the most part snow-free and things looked promising. Trail conditions ranged from dry runnable trail to shoe-sucking mud, to deep standing slushy water and snow ranging in depth from 2 or 3 inches up to 3 feet in places. Monday was warm and from the time we started to when we finished at sunset, a lot of snow had melted. Come race day be prepared for sloppy trails and some patches of lingering snow and count on having wet feet (the kind where even if you change socks, your feet will just get wet again a few minutes later). You are welcome to email us questions about the course but your guess is as good as ours on what race day conditions will be like – our advice is to come prepared for any and all conditions. We will have an up to date report on the trails after we mark on Friday at the very informal and non-mandatory pre-race meeting on Friday night at 7PM (after packet pickup.) Before any ‘newbies’ panic, remember, this is trail-running, if we wanted the variable of imperfect running surface conditions taken out of the equation, we would sign up for road races only… take it as it comes, do what you can, have fun, run wild, be free, Rocksteady!

For future readers of this post or those not from our area… it is highly unusual to still have snow in Minnesota this time of year!

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