Growing Pains & Registrations Issues – Superior “Spring” Trail Race 25KM and 50KM, 2015
From: John Storkamp – Race Director

Dear Trail Community,

I would like to apologize for the technical issues with the Superior Spring Trail Race website during this years registration period.   Every attempt was made to keep people up to speed on the issue and the measures we were taking to correct it, part of that was the temporary suspension of registration while we worked to resolve the problem.  We asked that people check back on our website (and Facebook page) as we were planning to reopen registration as soon as the issue was resolved.  Once we were satisfied the issue was resolved and could reopen registration we made an announcement on our website and Facebook page(s) and registration commenced until the field limit was met.  It should be noted that for the 2013 race the field limit was me in 7 weeks, for 2014 it was met in 7 days and for 2015 we estimated it could fill in as quick as 4 days, so after reopening registration we fully expected people to have the opportunity to register for a few more days, in actuality the field limit was met in about 7 hours total registration “open” time, something that very few trail races in the entire country experience.

Per our predefined field limit, which is set in accordance with our permit(s) and implemented to ensure trail sustainability and overall safety and enjoyment for all participants we are unable to allow additional runners into the race.  While we realize that it is disappointing to not get into the race, we encourage you to still come up and be part of race weekend by supporting and cheering friends and family, volunteering at an aid station, taking a run on another section of the Superior Hiking Trail and generally being a part of our incredible trail / ultra running community.

Having been personally involved with running, trail racing and ultra events for some time I never thought I would see the day that an event such as ours would have such incredibly high demand and could reach capacity in hours let alone a few days – it looks like the days of just simply signing up for certain trail races might be behind us and we are already exploring options for a lottery system for next years race in order to avoid a similar situation in the future.

We thank you for your understanding.  Should you have any additional questions, comments or concerns I am available.

John Storkamp
Race Director
Superior Trail Race