* The following was emailed to all registered 2020 Superior Spring Trail Race runners and volunteers on Thursday April 2, 2020.

Dear Friends,

I hope this email finds you and your family healthy and safe during these extraordinary times. If I am being completely honest, I would tell you that these have been very stressful times for Cheri and I – with lots of worries regarding our races, our business, our future, but moreso our at risk parents, our fellow citizens and even my own health having had reactive airway disease since I was a teen. I am sure that all of you are dealing with your own unique set of circumstances and worries, and I have been thinking of you. While I was on my (socially distanced) run last night the resounding theme I kept landing on was “We have all been through a lot in our lives, and we have always pulled through, one way or another we will all get through this”. And I believe it, we will get through this but it will take unity, sacrifice and time.

The reason for my email today is to provide you with a brief update regarding the Superior Spring Trail Race. As of today, the Superior Spring Trail Race is still scheduled and has not been cancelled. That said, I would be lying if I told you I had much confidence that this year’s race will happen. Other endurance events that take place in Cook County, later in the Spring than ours, have canceled. It was also announced this week that Grandmas’s Marathon in Duluth was canceled. I have upcoming meetings scheduled with the county, state and federal entities that issue our permits, along with other stakeholders, that can hopefully bring some modicum of additional clarity that will inform our next steps. Both the state of Minnesota shelter in place guidelines and federal social distancing guidelines are in effect through April 30. Even if those guidelines are not extended, our greatest concern, consideration and determining factor will be whether or not on May 16, it would be responsible to introduce a large group of people into Cook County / the county where the race is held. Cook County has a larger than average population of senior citizens especially vulnerable to the illness and extremely limited medical facilities. Based on this fact alone, you can see why it is not looking good and can clearly see what the main priority needs to be.

I know many if not most of you have been checking our website and have already seen our more comprehensive updates / statements, but in case you have not you may want to take the time to review them, especially the most recent which was released on 3/20/20 https://www.superiorspringtrailrace.com/covid-19-press-release-3-20-20/ – the initial statement was released on 3/12/20 https://www.superiorspringtrailrace.com/covid-19-press-release-3-12-20/

If or when we should cancel Superior, we will make every effort possible to do so within a reasonable amount of time prior to the race. As much work as it takes to host a race – canceling requires a whole other set of steps, coordination, communication, etc. We need to ensure we are meeting all of our obligations to the county, state, federal, trail and business entities that make this event possible. Due to the quickly evolving nature of all of this, we cannot commit to any set timeline, either for these determinations to be made or for our next communications – we appreciate your patience.

While I realize that participants either have made or would normally be making travel plans soon, I strongly encourage anyone planning to fly to Minnesota to not book anything at this time. If you are already booked I would advise reviewing the specific information provided by your airline – several airlines have recently announced more flexibility / leniency in regard to cancellations and rescheduling. Participants should also familiarize themselves with the cancellation policies of rental cars and lodging / accommodations if either apply.

During these difficult times lean on your family, your friends, your faith, your running or whatever it is that gets you through. If you have any questions, please reach out. I will be back in touch.

Thank You,

John Storkamp
Race Director
[email protected]