Dear Runners,

If you did not see or take the time to read ‘2023 Superior Spring Trail Race Conditions Update 1’, sent on Monday May 1, you can review it HERE

This is a quick update / addendum to ‘Update 1’. I will keep it short.

Conditions are starting to improve, the question is, will they improve enough in order to hold the race on the Superior Hiking Trail. While there is still some snow in the woods, it is melting, next we need the trail to drain and set up quickly. We are meeting with the Superior Hiking Trail Association and US Forest Service on Monday May 15 or Tuesday May 16 to hike a full section and review conditions. Some mud is well within our tolerance for hosting the race, running on trail that is not ‘set up’ / ‘frost-out conditions’ is not.

We still have the monumental task of clearing an above average number of trees and heavy brush from the trail. Many heavy snowfalls and high wind events both this Winter and Spring led to an extraordinary number of trees down, and brush encroaching on the trail. A Superior Hiking Trail contractor is clearing some, and we are clearing some. We will be working on it later this week and through the weekend. Our hope had been to clear this past weekend, but conditions did not allow. For context, we have historically cleared the last weekend in April.

Our goal is to have a decision and communicate it to you no later than Wednesday May 17.

I am sorry it is coming down to the wire, I know the uncertainty is not fun. We are methodically working through a process that allows us the best chance possible of hosting the race on the trail. We have a solid backup in place should we need to pivot. We are excited to see everyone either way – we made it great last year, we can make it great again this year!

I have published the ‘Runner Welcome’ for your review HERE


John Storkamp
Race Director
Superior Trail Race
[email protected]