Dear Runners,

My last email to you was just over a week ago. If for some reason you missed it, or would like to review it again, it can be found HERE

A lot has happened over the last week. Our alternate course utilizing forest roads was approved by the USFS and DNR. It warmed up and most of the snow melted. We had a 70+ degree day on Tuesday, and we had heavy rains on Wednesday and Thursday. While the trails did not need any more moisture, the good thing about the rain is that it helps to melt snow and helps to drive frost out of the ground. As expected we are seeing those frost out conditions I described. I have been out on the normal Superior Hiking Trail race course and our alternate forest road race course each day; observing, clearing trees and doing “trail plumbing”. We will be doing the same each day through Wednesday.

I have been seeing a fair amount of good trail out there, but where it is bad, it is too bad to run, as of today at least. If the race were tomorrow, we wouldn’t hold it on the SHT. If the race was in two weeks, I would feel pretty confident that we would be good to go. We have one week until the race, it is going to come down to the wire and it could break either way. I know you do not like the uncertainty, I don’t either, but regardless of the course it will be a gift to run together on the North Shore and congregate at Caribou Highlands.

As mentioned in my previous correspondence, we will make and communicate a final decision to you regarding what course we will use no later than the end of day, Wednesday May 18.

If you have questions please make sure you have reviewed the race website, my initial correspondence regarding this issue and the FAQ at the end of that correspondence. I don’t say this because I do not want to communicate with you, but because I may be slow to get back to you as I will be out on the trails from sun up to sun down each day over the coming days.

Thank You,

John Storkamp
Race Director
[email protected]