Superior Spring Trail Race Volunteer Communication 2 2022

Date: Thursday May 5, 2022
Subject: Superior Spring Trail Race Volunteer Communication 2 2022

Hello All!

Thank you again for volunteering for the Superior Spring Trail Race on Saturday May 21, 2022. We have an impressive group of 100(ish) volunteers helping this year’s race! We could not put on such a great event without your help. We currently have the following number of registered runners: 50KM = 300, 25KM = 352, 12.5KM = 280, Total = 932

RE the Potential Course Modification:
I copied you all on my email earlier today regarding the possible use of alternate course for this year’s race. I am in the process of vetting this course and getting it approved by all pertinent entities. If the race ends up being held on this revised course we will still need your help! There will still be two aid stations that runners visit and those working the current aid stations would be reassigned to these new aid stations. Almost all of the other volunteer duties would still be needed / relevant and for the couple that are not, those volunteers would be used elsewhere. I will keep you in the loop as things progress. For the sake of planning purposes / this email, we are assuming the use of the traditional course(s).

Volunteer Assignments:
Volunteer Assignments have been made and are available HERE As always, I do my best to review and integrate the information you provide in the ‘notes’ section of the volunteer signup form – that said I have been known to make a couple of mistakes and take a few liberties along the way! If you see anything that does not work for you, please let me know and we can easily adjust. Please keep in mind that you may have been assigned more than one job or shift, so please search both by name and job (you can type your name into the search box or you can sort the table by clicking any of the column headers.) There could be a few minor tweaks between now and race day, so please be sure to check the list again the week of the race. Info on each specific volunteer job can be found HERE

* We have exceptional volunteer coverage for race weekend but If anyone that does not work on Monday wants to help us clean-up at our home in Hastings between 9AM and 3PM, just shoot me an email – we will not turn you down!

* If you are a photographer (have a friend, family member or significant other you could drag along etc.) we could still use a couple more folks taking pictures, please let me know!

Review the Website:
Please take the time to review our website in its entirety prior to race day – There are specific links / resources for volunteers in addition to the general race information for runners. Reviewing and knowing this information prior to race day will make you, the volunteers, the best resource possible for the runners, their crew, family and spectators as well as your fellow volunteers!

Aid Station Captains and Event Leads:
Trail Marking & Sweeping 25K / 50K Course – Paul Hasse
Trail Marking & Sweeping 12.5K Course – Todd Rowe
Volunteer Medical – Chalayne Palmgren (Finish), MD Dimitri Djrekonja (Finish after 12:00PM),Tammy Davis (Oberg), Rob Ver Straeten (12.5K Monitor), MD John Davis (Sawbill)
HAM Radio Coordinators – Rick Johnson & Jayne Johnson
Check-In (Friday and Saturday) – Cheri Storkamp & Craig Yotter
Oberg Aid Station Captain – Sam Olson
Oberg Parking and Traffic Control Captain – Bill Pomerenke
Sawbill Aid Station Captain – Dale Immerfall / Immerfall Family
Sawbill Parking and Traffic Control Captain – Jason Tintes
Supply / Resupply – Brendan Johnson & Scott Radke
Finish Line – John Storkamp and Alex Bartley
Finish Area – Cheri Storkamp and Jeff Miller
Timing – Tyler Heinz, Craig Yotter, Tim Lupfer

Our direction to our volunteers with medical training who are acting as good samaritans is that they can go ahead and help with anything that is very minor (bumps and bruise kind of stuff) while anything that they are not comfortable addressing and certainly anything major will be called in to local emergency services by our HAM / Amateur Radio Operators.

Tracking Runners:
Ham Radio volunteers at aid stations may need a little help during the busy times writing down bib numbers, recording and tracking DNF’s. Non-HAM aid station volunteers may be recruited to help with this. Aid station captains and HAM Radio volunteers will coordinate this via a quick briefing in the morning and throughout the day as needed.

Road Crossing, Parking and Traffic Control:
How the race interfaces with non-race-related trail users, motorists, etc. is one of the most critical aspects to the long term health / success of our event. Aid station captains are ultimately responsible for parking and traffic control at each aid station. Specific parking and traffic control “leads” are also assigned. These leads will work with the aid station captains to execute the parking and traffic control plan(s) with the other aid station volunteers as outlined HERE and HERE

Name Badges:
There will be name badges available for volunteers. These allow runners to be able to easily identify volunteers and allows volunteers to be able to easily identify eachother. Similarly, runners’ names will be printed on their race numbers.

We have some communal type space available for volunteers who need it, please review THIS prior to signing up If you need lodging, please sign up ASAP HERE

Trail Marking:
Those assigned to mark trails should plan to meet at Caribou Highlands townhome unit 504 at 7:15 AM on Friday May 20, ready for a 7:45 AM departure. Make sure you have enough food, water, clothing etc. to be comfortable on the trail in any conditions.

We are doing HATS this year instead of t-shirts. If you are volunteering at an aid station, hats will have been sent out in the supply bins. Aid station captains will be getting these out to you, or better yet will delegate the task of getting them out. If you could, please make sure you get yours so we do not have to mail it. If you are working a volunteer position other than an aid station, you will pick up your hat at the finish area / same location where we sell merchandise – please seek yours out there.

Food, and After your Shift:
You are welcome to graze on aid station food during your shift but also feel free to pack a lunch if you think you will need more. After your aid station closes, please join us at the finish for chili, to watch the final finishers and help us get cleaned and packed up after the race!

Covid Considerations:
If you are feeling under the weather, stay home. We will have plenty of hand sanitizer, please use it. We are still doing more pre-packaged snacks than in years past. We will run aid stations more or less like we did pre-Covid, with an eye towards the best hygiene practices possible while being respectful of others boundaries… an example; rather than just rushing into a runners personal space and helping them without asking, ask them if they would like help with anything and how they would prefer that you help them.

As always, should you have any questions please contact me. We are looking forward to seeing everyone for another safe, fun and successful race!

Thank You,

John Storkamp
Race Director
[email protected]